Interview with Marlon Emmanuel, Founder of My Destinati: Omaha International Soccer Academy

Today I sit down with the founder of My Destinati: Omaha International Soccer Academy, Marlon Emmanuel, and discuss his work with the non-profit organization. Marlon is such a special guy to the Omaha community.  He came here from Nigeria in 2009 and is just as passionate about soccer as I am.   We discuss the similarities of how much our home countries are alike when it comes to the game of soccer because the passion and the way we think about it are almost identical.

My Destinati: Omaha International Soccer Academy

His organization, My Destinati: Omaha International Soccer Academy, is near and dear. They aim to develop leaders through soccer by teaching them recreational skills that will drive success in their lives. The academy offers a a number of soccer opportunities at all levels of the game for children ages 6-16.  In addition, it’s open to adult players that live in the Omaha-Council Bluffs metropolitan area.  Marlon takes his own time and money and will pick up children that don’t have rides.  I really meant it when I mentioned he was a special guy.  Any parents out there that need assistance in getting their kids involved in youth soccer, please check out My Destinati!  You can learn more about the Academy and even register online by clicking here.

To add to his list of accomplishments, Marlon founded the Omaha International Soccer League (OISL) Tournament. It’s also hosted by My Destinati.  The tournament focuses on camaraderie and community building. They bring together local players from diverse backgrounds where they can represent their nation as a team.

In addition, we discuss his inspiration and his favorite soccer player.  We also get into who we think will win the Champions League, and some tidbits about the Premier League and the Italian League.


Photo by Giovanny Ayala on Unsplash