Episode 29 | Champions League, La Liga, Local News & More!

Helllooooo friends and thank you for tuning into my latest episode, 29, on Champions League, La Liga, local news & more.  I apologize I’ve been on a little hiatus recently, and I know you’ve been missing my episodes!  My wife and I had a big move and have been working on some big things involving a studio and the future of this podcast!  Not sharing today, but you’ll find out soon enough!

In today’s episode, I get back to business on Champions League news and some AJAX FC, the team that shocked the world!  I give my predictions on Barcelona winning the Champions, especially with my boy Messi.  I drop some news on the Bugeaters FC, the rivalry of Inter Milan and  Juventus, and the huge upset in the Coupe de France.  That on so much more on today’s episode, don’t miss it!


Photo by Izuddin Helmi Adnan on Unsplash


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