Episode 22 | Advocating for Women’s Soccer with Football for the World

Episode 22 | Advocating for Women’s Soccer with Football for the World

Episode 22 | Advocating for Women’s Soccer with Football for the World

Today’s episode was all about advocating for women’s soccer with Football For The World!  I sat down with Monica Bosiljevac, Board President & Executive Director at Football For The World.  Monica is extremely passionate and is a huge advocate for women’s soccer locally and globally.

Monica and I discuss her role at FFTW, along with her background in soccer and how she got involved with the organization.  We get to go over some very interesting points on how women’s soccer in the United States differs so much from other countries.  Discussing  the inequalities between women’s and men’s soccer, we chat about the MLS, and the stark differences in opportunities for men and women.

She has traveled all over the world coaching and educating children, especially girls, about the game of soccer and the positive effects it can have on and off the field. As a high school soccer coach herself, she understands the importance of having female role models around to inspire and excite girls to get and stay involved in sports. She shared a little about her favorite players from the US Women’s National Soccer team and the women who inspired her passion for soccer.  Don’t miss this episode – it’s an AMAZING one!!


Football For The World

Football for the World (FFTW) is a worldwide, non-profit organization based out of Canada, Nebraska and Jamaica.  Their organization aims to improve children’s quality of life through the game of football (soccer).  This is accomplished by collecting and redistributing new and used soccer gear locally and around the world, along with many other efforts. FFTW campaigns heavily for educating and introducing women’s soccer in countries where they don’t normally play.  They offer a variety of volunteer opportunities, after school programs, partnerships with Girls Inc., and are the forces behind having more female role models in the world of soccer.  To learn more about Football for the World or how you can get involved, click here.

If you’re in the Omaha, Nebraska area, you can get involved with some of their upcoming events by clicking here.


Photo by Jeffrey F Lin on Unsplash


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